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COVID-19 Notices

Everyone here at Carolina Cabin Rentals is so glad to have you interested in coming back to The High Country!  We wish you to be well and stay safe. We think we have a wonderful area for you to enjoy time together and the great outdoors with fresh mountain air!  Can’t wait for you to come!

Carolina Cabin Rentals offers properties in 7 counties across North Carolina and Tennessee.  One county, Watauga County, still has a directive in place that we wanted to give you information on so that we can all abide with the goal of getting through this difficult time.

This is currently expected to apply ONLY to stays that occur within Watauga County until Phase 3 Opening has begin in the state of North Carolina (currently expected to be around June 26, though that date could be adjusted by the state).

If you are looking to reserve a home inside Watauga County and come with family members who reside in the same residence, this does NOT apply to you.

If you are planning a trip to Watauga County with a mixed group of people who do not share the same household, please read the latest updates on any occupancy restrictions, as provided on the following websites:





While the directives above may influence your decisions, in an effort to comply with Watauga County directives, you should know that Carolina Cabin Rentals is regularly reviewing the reported occupancy of all our homes in Watauga to confirm that, in aggregate, across all homes, our occupancy is in compliance. If occupancy looks like it will be higher, in aggregate, than the directive indicates, we will address that occupancy at the county level. Please come an enjoy our beautiful mountains, as there is lots of room to enjoy!