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Carolina Cabin Rentals
Property Management

Give Us A Call At:

(828) 707-9908

Carolina Cabin Rentals
Property Management

Give Us A Call At:

(828) 707-9908

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Discover How Much Your Property Can Make

Our Program

Full-service management

Top quality homecare

Multi-channel marketing

Guest service excellence

Professional preventive

No upfront costs to get

  • Cost Management

    Renting a home is a business endeavor and there are costs to maintaining a home. Our fees are the lowest we have seen in our marketplace which helps lower your costs. And we always work to find the most sensible, economical solution to maintenance needs as they arise.

  • Rental Pricing

    The rates offered for renting your home should match the goals you have for renting your home. Some owners want to price more aggressively while others prefer to price at more premium prices and get greater reward for each rental. We handle the pricing for most of our homes, but we are flexible and will base pricing on your objectives.

  • Our Website

    Most rental guests book their home on our website on the same day that they begin their search. We made our website very easy to use by including a host of features which helps guests find what they are looking for and make their reservation.

  • Guest Accountability

    The minimum reservation age is 25 and we are clear with guests about their responsibility to treat each property with respect and care. We require the names and ages of all guests who will visit the home as well as the make/model of all vehicles that will be at the property. We monitor the composition of rental parties and reserve the right to cancel a reservation if we do not a feel there is a good fit between the guests and the home.

  • Other Owner Services

    Most of our owners don't live near their vacation home. When you are not here, we are your "boots on the ground" to take care of any needs related to management of your home. We offer several other services that owners appreciate

  • Smart Home System

    • Wireless entry lock that integrates with our reservation system;
    • Unique entry code for each guest;
    • Code activates at arrival time and deactivates at departure;
    • No keys means added security;
    • Thermostat automatically turns down after guest departs; monitors temperature in the home and alerts us if the heat or A/C goes out.

  • Getting Started

    The process is quite easy assuming your home is in good repair. In most cases, no out of pocket expense is required. And we are flexible regarding amenities. We gather detailed information about your objectives and your home and develop a customized plan for how we will manage your home.

  • Marketing and Rentals

    We achieve outstanding results for our homeowners by aggressively and intelligently marketing our homes through a huge variety of channels. Many of our homeowners came from other rental programs and some get 2x or even 3x the rentals they were getting before. We invest heavily in this key area of our business.

  • A Trusted Partner

    You are entrusting us with care of a personal and valuable asset, your home. We take that responsibility very seriously. We are flexible in how we work with you to manage your home. Some homeowners like to be very involved with maintenance while others prefer a more hands off approach. Either way works well with us. And we have no restrictions on when you use your home or block it out for friends and family. This is your home and we are glad to work with you in the way you wish.

  • Rental Management

    Our services include complete end to end management of all aspects of the rental process. We manage marketing campaigns, make bookings, collect payments, communicate with guests prior to arrival, provide directions and a list of what is provided at the home, provide service to guests during their stay and gather feedback after departure.

  • Property Care

    Our team is equipped to manage all aspects of home care required to support rentals including: cleaning between rentals; lawn care and snow plowing; routine maintenance like light bulbs, batteries and filters; and repair and maintenance for systems in the home such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, appliances, well service, cable and internet. During severe weather we have systems which can monitor temperature in the home alerting us if heat or electricity is out to prevent frozen pipes and water damage.

  • Password Protected Online Owner Portal

    • Real time reservation reports;
    • Owner statements published monthly and available 24/7;
    • Owner reservations can be made, changed, or canceled online 24/7.

Homeowner Testimonials

Feedback from owners who have partnered with Carolina Cabin Rentals

Legacy View Lodge, Eagles Peak, Cloud 9

We've had the pleasure of partnering with Carolina Cabin Rentals (CCR) for over a decade, entrusting them with the management of our three mountain vacation properties. Our experience with CCR has been nothing short of exceptional, solidifying our long-term commitment to this partnership. CCR consistently prioritizes both guest and owner experiences, maintaining a business model that acknowledges the unique needs of every property, owner, and guest. The vacation rental management business is far from straightforward or routine, but CCR skillfully navigates this complexity to deliver optimal outcomes for all involved parties. This approach ensures a sustainable and rewarding experience in both the short and long term. Our partnership with CCR has led to an influx of positive feedback from guests, many of whom have enjoyed 4 or more stays at our cabins. These guests often share their memorable experiences and express their enthusiasm for future visits. This is a testament to CCR's commitment to going above and beyond to ensure guest satisfaction, which in turn, drives repeat rentals. Carolina Cabin Rentals stands as the unparalleled solution for both owners and guests of vacation cabin rentals. With each passing year of our partnership, our appreciation for their impeccable service only grows stronger.

Mark VanVeldhuizen, Program since 2013

Fly Way Dreams

I am very happy with the rental business, promotions, care and maintenance of our cabin. I can see that the teams take good look at cabin pre rental and after. They care about my property. Looking forward to another 12 month of successful business

Jose Cardelle, Program since 2018

The Fox Den

Though a long time owner with you, each new property we onboard raises our level of expectation, and your crew continues to meet and exceed our prior experiences. Thank you.

Joe Uvanile, Program since 2013

Bear Valley Cabin

I have another management company in CT for property I own and only wish they were a tenth as good as you

Thomas Rutherford, Program since 2019

Honey Bear Cabin

A very special thank you to Carolina Cabin Rentals for doing such a wonderful job taking care of and renting our cabin. We certainly appreciate the efforts of the entire CCR team.

Hope R, Program since 2015


My wife and I greatly appreciate your firm's efforts. I've been in property management and real estate sales for over 22 years and your firm is the ONLY firm I have ever dealt with, whether employed by me or otherwise, that rivals my firm in customer service and attention to OWNER detail.

Keith S, Program since 2013

The Crows Nest

My husband and I have been clients of Carolina Cabin Rentals (CCR) since August 2018. From the very first day, they have shown us nothing less than the utmost courtesy and professionalism. When we started the process, Brock allayed all of our fears about opening our happy place to strangers, assuring us of the vetting system that was in place to make certain that our renters would be respectful. In the almost four years of our relationship with CCR, we have had no major damage claims or issues resulting from negligent or unruly renters. If you want your cabin in safe hands, this is obviously the agency to list with!

Samantha McDonald, Program since 2018

Meet The Team



Todd grew up on Hilton Head Island, SC and is an alumnus of the University of Georgia and the University of East Anglia, England, where he received a BA in Communications and Theatre Arts. He also received a Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He moved to Boone, NC in 2004 to work for Appalachian State University for 10 years directing the Community Partnerships and Outreach/Engagement activities. Todd left ASU to go to a medical technology start-up company to handle investor relations. We were blessed to gain Todd at Carolina Cabin Rentals in 2016 where he could focus full time on serving our client home owners as Director of Owner Services. After 4 years of leading the Owner Services Team, Todd has moved into the Sales and Business Development Team. Todd and his sweetheart wife joyously raise their 4 children together through homeschooling on their Catiwampus Farm.
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Landry is a local graduate of Appalachian State University, where he received a degree in Business Administration in 2021. He then became the Manager of Leasing and Marketing at the Standard at Boone, a luxury apartment complex. Landry joined the Carolina Cabin Rentals Sales team in May 2022, eager to work for a company that loves the Lord and provide him with real work-life balance. As a Sales Associate, he is motivated to help homeowners find financial stability and success through passive income. He also enjoys learning more about the real estate business in the High Country. In his free time, Landry can be found playing with his dogs, traveling, or exploring the outdoors.
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Luke studied Business Administration at Liberty University and started his career soon afterward as a writer for Samaritan's Purse, one of the world's largest international disaster relief organizations. After Luke moved to Boone, he discovered Carolina Cabin Rentals and joined the team because of the great company culture and the strong commitment to quality in everything we do. His favorite part about being a Sales Associate is getting to work with homeowners and help answer their questions while working with them to accomplish their goals for their vacation home here in the High Country. In his free time, Luke enjoys hanging out with friends, cheering on the Tennessee Volunteers, and playing pickleball. He is also a certified scuba diver and his favorite television character is Ron Swanson.
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