Common Questions about Vacation Rental Cabins

Our homeowners cover the bulk of the cleaning fee in the nightly rental rates. Our housekeepers are a critical component of our quality assurance program and they professionally clean our vacation rental cabins between every rental. They vacuum, dust, scrub, sanitize and do the laundry after each guest's departure to ensure your home away from home rental cabin is spotless when you arrive. In addition to standard housekeeping duties, our staff checks and stocks our list of basic amenities and required supplies in each rental cabin. If you desire daily or occasional housekeeping during your rental, we can arrange the service for an extra fee.
Although a number of homes have a cleaning fee on all rentals, some homeowners wanted to give you an incentive to stay in their property! Some property's cleaning fee goes away after you make a 3 night rental, some 4 nights, some 5 nights and some 7 nights. If you want to save on the cleaning fee, look for the deal on the home where the cleaning fee goes away after an extended stay!
We try our best to keep the photos and amenities of each rental cabin updated on our website. If anything has changed, it is usually for the better, like a new flat screen TV or a new bedspread or new towels. We can't send our photographer out every time the rental owner buys a new decorative pillow. Just trust that if the rental cabin is not the same, it's been upgraded recently. We have a dedicated staff that makes sure each of our vacation rental cabins and condos are ready for your arrival by implementing a quality assurance program that includes cleaning, maintenance, and management. We have developed stringent procedures for every one of our cabin rentals including a detailed check-list for our cleaners so that standard amenities and required supplies are checked before your arrival. We strive for complete satisfaction from each and every guest. That doesn't mean that we guarantee everything will be perfect! The smoke alarm might start beeping, or the remote control batteries for the TV or the garage door opener could die, or the person before you might have been watching their vacation pictures or video and put the TV on some weird setting so you can't get the regular channels. But I can guarantee that if you call us, we will make it right! We also have a high tech expert on call to help you get that TV back to the right setting or get you connected to the internet if you are having problems.
All our rental cabins are fully furnished for normal housekeeping in "turn-key" condition. Kitchens are generally equipped with dishes, cookware, flatware, glasses, standard appliances, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and basic spices. Every home is owned by a different person, so each home will have different items in the home, but this is generally what we try to have there. We try for laundry detergent, but that is not guaranteed. We also stock our rental cabins with a starter set of dish soap, bath soap, and toilet paper.
Our homeowners have indicated that they prefer to be covered for up to $3,000 of any accidental damage done to a property by a rental friendly insurance company. They realize that things happen, and are easy to work with in getting claims paid ... from a $85 spot clean on a carpet ... to a $50 wine glass ... to an expensive rip in the sofa (by your pet) ... amongst all sorts of other things that can come up. Therefore, it has been decided that this is mandatory on all our reservations. We have worked hard with the homeowners in adjusting any pricing for the rental rate when this appears to have a significant effect on the total cost of the reservation.
No problems! We understand that many people need to work up until the last minute before their vacation, or they just got off later than they thought. If we have to be out, or are closing for the day, and you have not arrived yet, we will place your check-in packet in an appropriate place where you can pick it up. We will let you know exactly where it will be left so there will be no questions. Don't take too long, though, as the mountains are calling! (PLEASE NOTE: Some of our properties allow you to go directly to the property, so make sure you follow the Check-In Instructions sent to you so that you don't show up at our office after hours, and there is no key for you ... because you are supposed to already be at the house)
Please read our "Terms and Conditions" under the "About Us" Tab. These Terms and Conditions are our vacation rental policies. They may vary slightly from one home to another, as appropriate or required, but the cancellation policy is the same.
While the location of our office in Blowing Rock, right on a main highway going from Blowing Rock to Boone locates well on Google Maps, MapQuest and GPS units, it will often give the most terrible directions to a given property. We HIGHLY suggest you DO NOT use your GPS to arrive at your rental property. We will send you specific directions either directly to the property if it has a lockbox, or from our office. Use these directions. Guest who have not abided by this advice have sometimes been taken over an hour out of the way to the correct address, or, worse, taken to a wrong address altogether on the wrong side of the High Country. Many roads here in the high country don't even exist on Google Maps or GPS. So, please, don't count on your GPS.
YES! While a property cannot offer Late Check-Out AND Early Check-In on a same day turn-over, since the cleaners would not have time to get the house prepared for the next guest, you may select whatever is available at the time of your reservation. If there has not already been an Early Check-In and/or Late Check-Out that would conflict with your selection, that will be an option when you are making your WEB reservation. Just select the option, and you will have rights to that additional time at the property. Of course, while unlikely, if something comes up that doesn't make the house ready for your Early Check-In, you will receive a refund for the fee you paid to get Early Check-In or Late Check-Out. If you select these options, this allows you to arrive or depart 3 hours different than normal.
On most homes, Normal Check-In is 4:00 PM and Normal Check-Out is 11:00 AM. However, you should look at your reservation, as some homes have a Check-Out at 10:00 AM, especially during the ski season when there are often same day turnovers. Any unauthorized late check-out is subject to a late check-out fee of $100.